Mediumship & Spiritual Healing

Through our Spiritual development as a Medium, as well as learning through our own experiences we have been lucky enough to witness and share the knowledge and teachings of amazing mediums and witnessed mediumship at its best in its many forms.

One to one readings

Approximatively 30 to 40 minutes at the cost of £40

House demonstrations, public demonstrations and charity events

Prices vary so please call to enquire: 07549487876

Spiritual healing

£30 for 35 mins

Psychic Healing Mediumship & Reiki

We have been lucky enough to dedicate much of our time over the years as part of our development at The Arthur Findlay College, which is The Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences and home to the Spiritual National Union.

We also have attended the beautiful Kingswells house in Aberdeen - Every reading is an experiment. Psychic is working with you and your energy, bringing insight to your life. Mediumship means to communicate with your loved ones that have gone to the spirit world before us, providing evidence that life is eternal. Some readings can be part psychic and part mediumship. We endeavour to bring comfort and healing to the greatest need.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing is a form of healing by the use of forces or energies from the world of spirit, channelled through the Spiritualist healing medium

When the healer is attuned and hands are laid gently on and attuned to the patient, then the healing process begins., From spirit, through spirit to spirit. You do not always have to have hands on for the healing process to work.

Since healing starts at the very core, meaning our spirit, it creates a balance and harmony between the mind, body and spirit. And as it surfaces through all the mental, emotional and physical layers it can help heal all of these together and healing the person as a whole.

Due to the development of psychological treatments it has become apparent to the medical profession that man is not merely a physical body, and much success has been achieved in treating physical illness at the mental and emotional levels. Hence it is now accepted by medical science that the human organism can be approached and treated with a far wider concept, the whole man in-fact, compromising not only the body but mind and feelings too. The word used to describe this all-embracing concept of treatments is “holistic”.

Healing and medicine are two different disciplines. Spiritual healing is the art of healing and not the practice of medicine. Spiritual healing is intended to be a supplement to and not a substitute for professional medical care and treatment. It is very important in the case of any serious medical ailment or condition you should always consult the correct medical practitioner for your needs for the correct advice.

Do not use Spiritual healing as a substitute for the medical profession.

If you like what we do then please feel free to tell others…. if you don’t like what we do then please tell us.

I have always known Stevie but until recently did not know of his spiritual side. I had an appointment with him a few weeks ago and the outcome has turned my life around. I lost my husband many years ago and still felt the loss, as thought half of me was gone too. After a reading with Stevie I have a whole new out look on life and so many of my friends and relatives have said I lo0k and sound much happier. I feel I am in a better frame of mind and was so comforted by what he said. Forever a fan  MB.

Trisha is amazing!! I have been going to see Trisha for several years now and she never fails to make a lovely connection with my family on the other side, Trisha brings true and accurate information, bringing love and personality from my family on the other side. Trisha is a star. Viv

Had a reading from Trisha recently. Without giving away personal details someone very dear to me came through. The details given to me where very accurate, some I didnt even know about but checked with family and they were ! I was very happy that Trisha helped me communicate with a loved one so deeply and accurately, brings a lot of comfort. Would highly recommend her and looking forward to next reading. Love and light to all. 

After being to see many mediums on the past 20 odd years I believe my reading with Steven was one of the best I have ever had !!  He touched my heart with so many things that I wanted to know , special messages from loved ones that had passed over to the other side and it made my day. In fact I feel better for it weeks afterwards. I highly recommend Steven. He goes into detail and says it with love. He is very passionate about what he does and that's what makes it extra special. Thank you so much Steven. M. King.


Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday - 10am - 4pm

Sunday - closed


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