Remedial & Sports Massage

From athlete to accountant, everybody can experience aches and pains. Musculo-skeletal problems result from, stress, trauma, overuse, overloading, carelessness, poor posture or a combination. Often the pain and discomfort is accompanied by a reduction in range of motion and function.

A great massage can help to relieve and reduce pain, aid injury recovery and improve range of motion. In a nutshell help you move and feel better.

People seek massage for a range or reasons:

  • To relieve stiff necks and tense shoulders
  • Reduce lower back pain and tight glutes
  • Ease tension pulling on the hips, knees, elbow, feet and hands
  • Prevention of Injury & to aid injury recovery
  • Restoration of muscle length and balance
  • In the lead up to and Post Endurance event
  • To reduce anxieties and feel better
Sports & Remedial Massage

My bodywork treatments use a combination of deep tissue techniques (myofascial release), trigger point therapy, assisted stretching and Swedish massage. To get the most out of your massage a brief consultation will take place before the massage and some strengthen and stretch ideas can be given at the end to continue the good work.

60 mins - £35

90 mins - £55

Therapist Ellie Harte

I graduated from Leeds university in 2004 with an honours degree in sport Science. Originally I chose to work in a youth and community setting in Edinburgh, supporting and engaging young people to access and progress in sport, exercise and outdoor learning.In 2010 I qualified in Swedish Massage and more recently in 2013 I completed my diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage. I am insured, a member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation and I have an up to date first aid certificate.

I have always led an active lifestyle, I love my yoga and have been instructing skiing since 2009. I am passionate about health and fitness and the positive effects they have on body, soul and mind.

If you like what we do then please feel free to tell others…. if you don’t like what we do then please tell us.

Pregnancy, childbirth and then breastfeeding had left me with a great deal of pain and tension in my neck, shoulders and arms. The massage combined a mixture of deep tissue and stretching. After each massage the pain and tension was reduced but what also helped was the individual techniques Ellie showed me to use in between our sessions. Melanie Thomson, Mussleburgh

Ellie is by far one of the best masseurs I have ever used (and I've had a few) she has a magic touch and a real knack for finding the lumps and bumps and melting them away. Nina Ferrier, Edinburgh

I was lucky enough to catch Ellie on one of her recent visits to Edinburgh. She got friendly with my QL muscles - using some focused stretching techniques to ease my lower back pain thus making me feel all comfy in my body once again. Janet McInnes, Forest Yoga


Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday - 10am - 4pm

Sunday - closed


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